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Publisher: Barricade Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis The Kaddish is considered by millions of Jews to be a special prayer one recites for the dead. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by National Book Network. Seller Rating:. New Hardcover Quantity Available: Book Depository hard to find London, United Kingdom. Published by Barricade Books. Mediaoutlet Springfield, VA, U. Published by Barricade Books Stillman was a Russian American artist who was well recognized in his day but is no longer well known.

The over works he produced have stood the test of time. His legacy includes not only his art but also the inspirational example of his life. How can a person live well with the knowledge that time is limited? At 24, promising actor Evan Handler Sex and the City, Californication and more defeated a supposedly incurable leukemia. Then he began a year struggle to find love and happiness in a life he knows hes lucky to have. In this poignantly candid and wildly funny self-portrait, Handler climbs out laughing from the abyss of his own mortalityand we laugh out loud with him.

An outlet for Jewish grief

Harvard professor and renowned scholar Ruth Wisse focuses on the political aspect of the Jewish experience in her survey of Jewish history from King David to the Oslo Accords. While demonstrating that Jewish political weakness goaded power-seeking nations and individuals to scapegoat and physically abuse Jews, Wisse draws a persuasive parallel to todays U. Her well-reasoned arguments are bound to provoke lively debate. Michelangelos work on the Sistine Chapel changed forever the world of art.

Together, they unearth secrets that have remained hidden in plain sight for centuriesmessages of brotherhood, tolerance, freethinking and other unorthodox heresies that Michelangelo embedded in his pious portrayals in order to challenge the repressive Church of his time. Since , more than 7, Jews have served time in the famous correctional facility of Sing-Sing. Self-proclaimed goody-two-shoes Ron Arons unearthed the dark family secret of his grandfather's stretch there, then used genealogical research methods to reconstruct the Jewish history of Sing-Sing.

Arons shares his personal thrill of discovery while painting a broad picture of Jewish criminality, exposing its fascinating personalities and exploring its root causes. Who knew a prison could yield such a great read? Brotherhood of Warriors: Behind Enemy. After fifteen months of grueling training designed to make him a warrior, he became an expert in urban counter-terror warfare.

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He participated in over life-or-death missions as part of a controversial "black ops" unit that abducted terrorist leaders from the Palestinian-controlled West Bank. Cohen shares his fly-on-the-wall view of a top-secret shadowy world that redefines strength, danger and security. Leon Charney, lawyer, author, cantor, TV host, and advisor to world leaders, delivers a clearly written and brilliantly researched history of the Kaddish and its role in Jewish continuity. The Kaddish is a lifeaffirming declaration of faith that has given persecuted Jewish communities the strength to continue to worship despite the loss of righteous loved ones.

Charney examines who we are as Jews and how the Kaddish has helped us stare down tragedy and sustain ourselves as a people. At the Peace Rally: Peace is not just a prayer. Peace is first in all of our prayersbut it is also the aspiration of the Jewish people, a Jewish aspiration for peace. Yitzhak Rabin, The Man and the Vision. Henry Winkler is best known as The Fonz, but as a child, he was a classic underachiever with undiagnosed dyslexia. Now, he is co-author of a series of 14 hilarious books about Hank Zipzer, a high-spirited and adventurous 4th grade boy with learning differences.

Join us as Mr. Winkler reveals the story of his growing up with dyslexia and overcoming it and how it became the basis of an entertaining series of books for kids. Lin Oliver, Co-author, not appearing. Adam Mansbach Angry Black White Boy lays bare the inner life of the artist and the complex history of Black-Jewish relations in America in this multigenerational saga.

The individual stories of novelist and Black Jazz aficionado Tristan Brodsky, his suburban teenage hip-hop loving grandson Tris, and the Czech photographer Nina Hricek who becomes Tris lover, intersect against the backdrop of 20th century music. When each character's survival depends on the sacrifice of anotherwho or what will prevail? Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad. We live in dangerous times, says Chicago native Caroline B. Glick, Israeli Army officer, foreign policy advisor, peace negotiator and frontline journalist.

She maintains that Islamic imperialism, European cultural disintegration, American vacillation and Israeli timidity have made Israel a shackled warrior fighting with tied hands. In this collection of Jerusalem Post columns, Glick examines the most important and troubling issues facing Israel and the world with one clear and coherent message: Islamic fundamentalism is today the greatest challenge facing not just Israel and the US, but the entire Western world.

Jerry White was a college student in s Israel when a landmine left from the War took his leg and almost his life. He found that such tragedies present a choice: to become bitter self-pitying victims or to build stronger, wiser and triumphant lives. White outlines a five-step program for coping with disaster.

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This enjoyable, uplifting and powerful read gives us all a roadmap to a life of beauty and wisdom. Who are the Jews and from where did we come? Duke University Geneticist David Goldstein analyzes DNA studies of Jewish populations and examines the intersections of scientific findings with the history and oral tradition of the Jews. A superb scientist and a captivating storyteller, Goldstein tells the history of the Jews in a series of detective-style stories, while also grappling with the medical and ethical implications of our rapidly growing command of the human genomic landscape.

Nearly , young adult Jews have participated in Birthright Israel, a free ten-day educational experience that aims to curb assimilation by shifting an entire generation of Diaspora Jews from a trajectory of non-involvement to one of identity and engagement. The books ten chapters parallel the ten days of the trip, showcase the participants experiences, and optimistically examines the programs long-term effects. Barry Chazan, Co-author, not appearing. As he did so remarkably in Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer takes a dark subject and works in offbeat humor and wordplay as a deceptive cover for a serious tale.

Meanwhile, Oskar dreams up inventions to protect his loved ones. When the stories come together, the climax is powerfully heartbreaking.

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  • A Novel, Mesmerizing storyteller and born writer Peter Manseau Vows paints a rich tapestry of Jewish life at the turn of the 20th century. A young American Catholic translates the work of a something Russian immigrant claiming to be the last Yiddish poet in America. As the younger mans life unfolds, the two mens paths coincide in shocking and unexpected ways - and show that the power of the word can survive the death of a language.

    How to Say the Mourners Kaddish - The Jewish Prayer of Mourning

    Michael Barts father told him, Doing the right thing isnt always easy, but its always right. Barts homage to his parents, their tremendous courage and love and the cause for which they risked their lives, is the right thing. They intertwine Leizers and Zenias biography with the collective history of the Vilna ghetto and the resistance movement Nekamah The Avengers led by Abba Kovner, and also with the wider theme of 20th century world history.

    Laurel Corona, Co-author, not appearing. Despair imposes heavy burdens upon us.

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